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Ever dreamed of flying?  If you are like me, you dream about it everyday and have been since you were a child.  There is NO experience like the freedom of flight and no challenge greater then the pursuit of excellence in aviation.  A veteran of the United State Air Force and a long time Information Technology Professional, I left the cubicle life to pursue aviation fulltime in 2009 and have been sharing the love of aviation ever since.

The pilot

Being a pilot is a privilege and earning that privilage requires hard work, dedication and expert training. An elite membership of individuals that account for only 0.002% of the population, it is no wonder that pilots are so highly respected, well paid and admired.  Whether you are just considering becoming a pilot OR you are a seasoned pilot looking for additional endorsements, ratings or reviews I understand the commitment in time and expense to stay proficient.  Your passion is my passion.

Begin NOW

Ready to take the yoke and head off into the skies over Ramona and the greater San Diego Area?

Take some time to review the training tracks I offer from the top menu and then call me or email me to discuss.  There is no obligation to chat OR to get together for a while to see if I can provide the training you are looking for.  

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