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Pictured here is Major Elwood D. Bush, USMC Retired.  Major Bush received the Distinguised Flying Cross (Captain at the time) while serving in the Korean War which was a follow up to his amazing flying career in WWII.  He is pictured here in 2011 in a Boeing Stearman, the same model of plane that he learned to fly in.


Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Airline Pilot, Military or Civilian; all great pilots started with a simple aircraft, and a desire to be great.  Some are naturally gifted, while others have to work very hard, but they all share the same thing..... a desire to touch the clouds and pursue a skill that very few will ever dare attempt.  

I am fortunate to call Major Bush my grandfather and he inspired my aviation career.  

Along the way I have had many mentors... From my grandfather, to my first CFI (Parker Osborne) to the man that kicked my rear to get my Private Cert (Rodger LaRue) and you will too.  You will never forget the ones that helped you along the way.  I hope to be an inspiration to you.


Private Pilot

     This is where it begins

Commercial Pilot

     Ready to make it profession?



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